Packing Tips

While you are opting for relocating, most of the damages that happen to the goods that are being transported happens during the transit. Which is why proper packing is important. Here is a list of some packing tips that might come in handy for your relocation :

  • Mark all the glass and other breakable items as “FRAGILE” On all the sides of the box. Also mark “UP” and an arrow for the movers to know which is the correct way to keep the box so that there is no damage that happens to the fragile items.
  • Buy only the most high quality packing materials.
  • Pack only two or three lampshades per box and use thick white paper between them as a protective cover and lining.
  • Do not use garment bags while packing clothes as that would make your clothes all wrinkly.
  • If possible put all your clothes in drawers or wooden boxes and then transport them.
  • Place all the books horizontally in wooden boxes. Do not put them vertically as that will break their spines.
  • Make sure all the electronic items are packed in a way that they are waterproofed and mark them as to what they are outside for the movers convenience.